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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

PPP widely used in education

by December 6, 2016 World Sports

In 2017-2019, Kazakhstan plans to open 1,630 preschool institutions with a capacity of 154,500 seats, including 970 private preschool organizations, Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiyev reports at the Government meeting.

According to the Minister, there are currently 9,407 preschool organizations in the country, 2,413 or a quarter of them are private institutions. The preschool institutions network has increased by 811 units over 2016, including 7 kindergartens with a capacity of 1,300 seats opened via the PPP.

The number of private preschool organizations increased 10 times; over 100 billion tenge of private investments were directed into the development of preschool education and training system.

There are now 14 regional PPP centers for concession projects support. According to the Ministry of Education and Science, the rules for placing public procurement in preschool organizations have been changed in eliminating the binding of public order with the actual stay of children, which will allow the organizations to pay for the costs incurred for the facilities maintenance and staff labor.

The issue of exemption is settled at the legislative level. In particular, no corporate tax will be charged, the land tax rate is reduced 10 times, and the property tax is calculated at the rate of 0.1% to the tax base.

Publicly-funded training of private kindergarten teachers is currently under consideration.

In general, under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Concessions and On Public-Private Partnership, the local executive bodies are working on 99 PPP projects in the field of education on the constructing and reconstructing the kindergartens, schools and colleges totaling 65.3 billion tenge, Y.Sagadiyev notes.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan