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PPP project to simplify the approval procedure

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by February 4, 2017 Fun

It should be reminded that an enlarged meeting of the Government was held yesterday; the President Nursultan Nazarbayev gave a number of specific instructions.

“The Head of State criticised the slow pace of the use of PPPs, especially in the regions,” B.Sagintayev said.

In this regard, Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of National Economy to work towards further simplification of procedures within a month.

It was instructed to expand the list of model projects in the various sectors and provide full methodological support to the regions in this matter by the end of the first quarte.

“At the same time, considering budget requests from local government offices,  the Ministry of National Economy together with the ministries need to reject those projects that can be implemented in the framework of PPP,”  B.Sagintayev said.

In addition, in connection with the forthcoming national budget, the Head of Government instructed the Minister of Finance B. Sultanov to be guided by these principles and to reject even the previously agreed projects at this stage.




Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan


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