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Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Plans for construction of student dormitories in Atyrau region presented to B. Sagintayev

by April 13, 2018 Market

According to the deputy akim of the region, N.Sailauova, the massive implementation of the task started in the region. Bakytzhan Sagintayev was presented with a construction site a dormitory for 100 places, which will be commissioned in July this year.

In general, there are 25 colleges and 3 universities in the Atyrau region. The number of students is 29,6 thousand. The total need for dormitory is 2300 places.

It is worth noting that there are projects for the construction of 8 dormitories for colleges for 960 places at the design stage. At present, the construction of two dormitories for 200 places has been started and two more dormitories for 250 places are completing the tendering process. Completion of construction is planned in 2019.

The general need of the regional universities in dormitories is 850 places. Completion of the development of design estimates for 560 places is planned for the second half of this year, another 200 places for 2019. Work is being carried out to cover the existing needs within the framework of the public-private partnership mechanism.

It should be recalled that in the third direction of the President’s Five Social Initiatives, special attention is paid to the conditions of students’ education and residence. Until the end of 2022, it is necessary to ensure the construction of new student dormitories for at least 75 thousand places.

Within the framework of the Roadmap for the implementation of the Five Social Initiatives, the construction of dormitories will begin in September 2018. Until 2022, a total of 160-200 dormitories are to be built in the country.

Starting from 2019, the republican budget will provide funds for compensation of investment and operating costs of developers. The state will allocate funds in the form of 82 MCI (about 197 thousand tenge) per one place.

The government also initiated legislative changes: a draft law has been developed, which introduces changes and additions to the following normative legal acts: the Budget Code, the Business Code, the laws “On Education”, “On State Property”, “On Public Procurement”, “On Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy” and others.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan