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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Placement map of processing plants designed in Almaty rgn


According to the press service of the Governor’s Office of Almaty region, the implementation of the Map will facilitate to industrialize the sphere of processing of agricultural products, finding solutions for cooperation, where a plant as a core processor will connect farms around it. In this connection, we can mark such plants as Koksu sugar plant, Zharkent starch plant and Tekeli malt-house. Aksu sugar plant and an export-orientated meat processing plant with a total capacity of 8 thousand tons per year jointly with the Iranian company Empire Food and others will be included in that list.

We note, that connection between farms and processing plants was established long ago in the region.

Thus, Kokusu sugar plant provides 560 farms with products, Zharkent starch plant cooperates with 520 farms, and Tekeli malt-house connects more than 100 farms.

In the agro-industrial complex of the region, 9 priority directions in processing agricultural products were defined.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050