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Pediatricians of CIS Countries discuss children’s health care in Almaty

by October 6, 2016 Market

Deputy Chairman of Control Committee of Medical and Pharmaceutical activity of MHSD of Kazakhstan Roza Kuanyshbekova noted that in 4 years since the last congress, Kazakhstan achieved significant results in improving children’s health: embedded high-tech modern diagnostic and treatment methods, improved the process of training of pediatric personnel and other.

“In his address to the people of Kazakhstan, the Head of State” Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”: a new policy of established state “announced the protection of motherhood and childhood as the most important part of social policy in the new phase. Implementation of these areas is carried out by introducing an integrated service model of maternity and childhood, which is designed to further regionalization of medical mothers and children, the provision of integrated health and social services to children,” R. Kuanyshbekova has said.

According to her, in this regard, the role and responsibility of republican clinics, research centers and research institutes with regard to monitoring, to ensure the effectiveness and quality of care at all levels within their profile have been strengthened.

“Scientists from the Institute will also provide the necessary advisory, methodical and practical help to health workers in the region to work with the population down to the district level,” the representative of MHSD of Kazakhstan informed.

During the plenary session further reduction of infant and child mortality; introduction of new efficient technologies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of perinatal pathology; improving the quality, continuity and effectiveness of medical care for children at the level of primary health care; the development and introduction of new types of high-tech medical care to children with surgical pathology; development of pediatric science and the introduction of innovative technologies in the service of the health of children and women of reproductive age, pediatric training of personnel in the country’s universities, and other issues were discussed.

The meeting will focus on the sections of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology; rheumatology, cardiology and pediatric surgery; respiratory diseases and congenital metabolic diseases.

There will also be an exhibition of modern medicines and baby food, medical products, new information and medical technologies.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan