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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Parliament needs more powerful levers of control functions – Bashmakov

by February 24, 2017 Legal

A. Bashmakov noted three axioms of further development of the country, as well as the functions of the Parliament.

“The science of management has an axiom – three criteria are necessary to develop and move forward successfully. First of all, it’s a system, the second – a prospect and the third – control. I think that the document – President’s Address is not only the most important document of the year but the current Address has been presented in a completely different form. 80% of the Address is dedicated to the economic problems and the modernization of the economy, 20% – the problems relating to other areas of our life and activity”, A. Bashmakov told.

According to him, the Address of the President is Head of State’s thinking about the future, a kind of a long-term plan.

“This document lays down the future of Kazakhstan, which could be acceptable to the majority of Kazakhstanis. After 10, 20 and 30 years our country, of course, will be different in the economic terms, and in the spiritual, cultural, philosophical, moral sense”, he continued.

A. Bashmakov thinks that it’s necessary to strengthen the role of the Parliament during the implementation of the state budget.

“The President asked the citizens of Kazakhstan to make proposals actively. One of the important key areas is to increase the role of the Parliament in general, and especially of the Majilis. As a former member of the Parliament, I feel that it would be very serious amendments to the Constitution. The Parliament needs more powerful levers of control functions – not only to approve the budget, but also the intermediate control of the implementation and execution. When the Parliament will have the control functions it will be possible to invite the Ministers, vice Ministers and see how the performance of the implementation of funds will be carried out. I believe that the control will be strengthened in the hands of the Par


Source: Kazakhtan 2050