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Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Over 70 Capital’s Entrepreneurs Have Expressed Their Willing to Open Kindergartens


On July 28, an open door day was held in Astana on the topic of “Legal and Consulting Support of Entrepreneurs’ Initiatives for Opening Pre-School Organizations”.

During the event initiated by the capital’s Office of Education jointly with the Kazakhstan Association of Preschool Organizations, free consultations have been organized for businessmen who decided to get engaged in a socially significant project.

All the interested parties have been brought together in the Palace of School Students: entrepreneurs, who expressed their willing to open a private pre-school organization, experienced experts who have been successfully working in this area, as well as public structures that helped start-up businessmen understanding the scheme for receiving the state educational order and collecting the required documents.

It should be recalled that currently the city has 263 pre-school organizations of various types, including 96 public, 2 departmental, 116 private kindergartens and 49 mini-centers, which are attended by a total of about 47 thousand children. Out of these, 27 193 children go to state children’s institutions, 14 854 attend private ones. Today, the number of children receiving assignments to private gardens is growing.

In order to cover the capital’s children with 100% preschool education, the Office of Education is actively working to attract the private sector. Last year 44 private kindergartens with a state order for almost 4 000 children were successfully opened and are functioning. This year there are already applications for 5 500 children. It is planned to increase this figure.

In 2017, it is planned to commission two public kindergartens for 480 children and three kindergartens for 720 children within the framework of the memorandum with national companies. Bidding was also held to determine private partners for the construction of kindergartens. Currently, 6 projects under the PPP for kindergartens for 1 680 children are being implemented, which are planned to be commissioned in 2019.

In case of inquiries in regard to opening private kindergartens issue, please call: 55 68 65, 8 701 940 71 00.

Source: Akimat of Astana