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Over 43 billion tenge allocated to specialists in rural areas for purchasing a house

by September 30, 2016 Key Issues

The total number of specialists attracted in the sphere of education is 33,400 people, health – 9813, culture – 1289, sports – 616, Social Security – 403, and the agro-industrial complex – 1110. For reference:

The project “With diploma – to the village” was launched in 2009 on the instructions of the Head of State.

The program includes: a one-time installation grant in the amount of 70 times of the monthly calculation index per specialist (148.4 thousand tenge.); budgetary credit for the purchase or construction of housing in an amount not exceeding 1 500 MCI for a period of 15 years with interest rate of 0.01% per annum of the loan amount (3.2 million tenge).

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan