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Over 40,000 Kazakhstanis received micro credits since 2011

by October 18, 2016 World Sports

According to the minister, 41.6 thousand people received micro credits, 27.2 thousand people become entrepreneurs since2011. The recipients of microcredit created 38.5 thousand jobs.

Also, T. Duisenova said that this year microcredit is held on three circuits:

– Participants of the program with their capital or goods purchased are included in the regional agricultural cooperatives;

– A joint project with “Nur Otan” party on the implementation of “Employment in rural areas” project. The project is implemented in five areas in a pilot mode. The aim of the project is to create a small-scale production on the basis of private farming. The amount of microcredit increased to 6 million tenge;

– According to business cards when microcredit is issued up to 3 million tenge.

“30.8 billion tenge was provided for these purposes in the current year. At the expense of these funds, 9.1 thousand people will receive microloans in the current year, which additionally create about 12 thousand jobs in the rural areas ,” the head of the Ministry said.

According to MHSD, microloans issued to more than 6.4 thousand people, about 4 thousand of them were used for own business for the first time. More than 5 thousand people from all who obtained credit are self-employed, and the rest – are unemployed.

“About 89% people who have received micro-loans used them in agriculture, 6% – in the service sector, 3% – in processing production, 2% – in other sectors,” T. Duisenova explained.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan