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Over 300 Kazakh companies involved in construction and preparation of Expo facilities

by October 31, 2016 Health

“Today, it’s a significant day for us and for our national company. The construction of five key facilities of the exhibition: the International Pavilion, EXPO-town for 1374 places, EXPO office, building department of the Interior and the Centre for energy research has been finished. The total area of these buildings is 482 thousand square meters, or nearly half a million”, A. Yessimov has said.

He has noted that the project is carried out in a difficult time of crisis, but with the full support of the Head of State, it has become one of the real anti-crisis programs.

“So, more than 300 domestic enterprises from almost all the regions of our country are involved in the construction and preparation of the exhibition. Thus the project helped to create and save about 50 thousand jobs. Here on this construction site 14 thousand people employs”, A. Yessimov has informed.

According to the company, for the period of the construction of objects the works and rendered services worth 492 billion tenge have been performed.

“The work continues on schedule and other objects of the exhibition – a national pavilion “Sphere”, a congress hall and a hotel. The next year, it’s planned to organize public areas, landscaping”, A. Yessimov has said.

Recall the organizers of the international exhibition EXPO-2017 passed the pavilions to the first five countries: France, Germany, China, Turkey and France.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan