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Friday, September 17th, 2021

Over 200 Kazakhstani cadets train in army

by January 27, 2017 Key Issues

More than 200 cadets for nearly two months will be taught the peculiarities of the military service as commanders of mechanized infantry and air assault divisions in the military units of the Armed Forces.

During an internship in the army the cadets have to gain the maximum experience in self-management personnel, conducting training for combat training and field firing, manual of arms and military equipment, as well as to develop leadership and command and methodical skills. For future junior commanders it’s an opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge gained in the study of military disciplines and to fix them on the basis of study of experience of military units.

For a more complete understanding of the tasks of the commander the cadets live in the barracks with the personnel entrusted to them, carrying with them all the elements of the daily routine and combat training.

Source: Kazkhstan 2050