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Over 1,000 schools to introduce zero grades with a single program and a basic textbook in 2017

by March 9, 2017 World Sports

Minister noted that with the introductiona single program and a single basic textbook in the first grade in 2016, teachers began to experience certain difficulties.

“To date, 80% of first-graders can read fluently, 20% do not even know the letters. Because of this, the whole class is forced to pass the entire program again,” said Y.Sagadiyev.

In this regard, there was a need to introduce a single curriculum in the pre-school. It is expected that after the introduction of this innovation, children will come to the first grade as ready as possible for the development of a unified school curriculum.

Zero grade can be studied both in school and in kindergarten.

As for “Sauat ashu” textbook, it will be divided into two books: “Alippe” (ABC book) for the zero grade and “Ana t?l?” for the first. There is an alternative to zero grade – distance learning. The base program and the training course have already been posted on the site.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan