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Over 100 unemployed Astana residents started short-term vocational training

by April 11, 2017 Key Issues

In the current year within the framework of the Program for Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship for 2017-2021, it is planned to organize free courses for training and retraining specialists for 500 unemployed.

According to Director of the Employment Center of the Mayor’s Office of Astana Olzhas Omar, this opportunity was received by persons who are officially registered as unemployed.

“Free short-term courses are organized for those people who don’t have a special education or their previously acquired specialty has become unclaimed in the labor market. According to the Law on Employment of Population adopted last year, specialists make a decision to register as an unemployed a person seeking for a job, to whom within 10 working days from the date of application wasn’t proposed suitable job. He must show interest in the proposed vacancies, visiting at least 3 times within 10 working days the Employment Center. The registration process is carried out after the data is verified through information systems of the state bodies with the entry of the received data into the individual employment card”, – O. Omar said.

Earlier the Interdepartmental Commission on Employment Issues under the Mayor’s Office of Astana, chaired by Deputy Mayor Andrey Lukin, selected 8 educational organizations to participate in the short-term vocational training, which will train specialists in the following specialties: cook, electrician, electric gas welder, seamstress, preschool teacher, baker, master hairdresser, sales manager, cashier-controller, plumber, waiter, and literacy of digital computer skills and English.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050