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Over 100 domestic producers to present their products for visitors at EXPO-2017

by March 6, 2017 Key Issues

According to the organizers, the placement of their products to producers will cost 300 thousand tenge per year.

This fee is only for the content of goods. Thus the prices for the goods will be established by manufacturers. The main criterion for selecting products for the pavilion is the potential of export-oriented approach.

“Each product that is represented here will be exported to more than 30 countries. To this end, we signed an agreement with the Eurasian Business Union, which gives this opportunity. To do this, it was necessary to create your own country pavilion. We are collecting export-oriented products,” said Rimma Tazhibayeva, President of the Ulyanovsk State University of Quality Control of Kazakhstani goods and services “Khalyk Marcasy.”

The advantage of the pavilion is that it is in the tourist map of EXPO. According to the plans of organizers, all tourists will visit this unique pavilion during the international exhibition where all the best in Kazakhstan will be presented. Including the best national dishes: it is planned to open a restaurant for tourists on the ground floor of the pavilion by Nauryz.

Another uniqueness of the pavilion is that the products of the Eurasian business union from the same 30 countries will be presented on the third floor. This is done to ensure that Kazakhstan’s producers can focus on foreign products intended for export, beginning with packaging technology, ending with the stages of development of companies.

It is planned to organize a gastronomic festival of national dishes of Kazakhstan nationalities by Nauryz. The Festival of Kazakh brands starts already from tomorrow. It will last until the start of EXPO-2017. One new brand will be presented every day on the pavilion site.

“We plan to select through this site. The format of output of our commodity producer for export is not so simple: you need to be interested in distributors, offer to other countries We must be assured of the quality of our products for this. We have collected a very serious team. We will conduct quality selection, prices at this site in order to understand and monitor the market, “said Maria Anarbayeva, representative of the Eurasian Business Union in Kazakhstan.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan