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Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Our pavilion will be very ambitious and bold – Minister of Energy

by June 1, 2017 Health

As you know, Kazakhstan has prepared 4 expositions.

“All the initiatives of the Head of State in the field of energy and ecology will be presented at the first exposition. A huge number of applications from domestic scientists, developers, organizations that presented their technologies on new sources of renewable energy, energy storage systems, and on reduction of the negative impact on the environment were considered for the formation of the second exposition”, the Minister said.

According to K. Bozumbayev, 28 most interesting and serious projects were selected, including startup projects that are worth seeing and experiencing pride for the domestic creative and innovative inventors.

“The third exposition will demonstrate Kazakhstan’s readiness to develop a “green” economy. The exhibition will have an interactive map of our country where you can see the implementation and planning of projects of the “green” economy by the regions. The fourth exposition will present our installation – the materials science thermonuclear reactor “Tokamak”, the Minister said.

The world’s only material science thermonuclear reactor is planned to be launched with the participation of the Head of State and show the process of obtaining plasma. With the introduction of the facility, Kazakhstan will enter the top ten countries with advanced Tokamak installations. A number of countries have already shown their interest in scientific cooperation.

“Thus, our pavilion “Kazakhstan” will be very ambitious and bold, therefore I invite everyone to see our projects. As you know, the Head of State instructed to preserve the legacy of EXPO and use it for practical results. In the promotion of the Green Bridge Partnership Program on the basis of EXPO, the International Center for Green Technologies will be established”, Kanat Bozumbayev said.

The international center is called upon to solve the tasks of transforming the energy sector, moving to “green” business, transferring and adapting green technologies and best practices, developing green finance.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050