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Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Our citizens live there. Senators are concerned about rural areas that are not included in the project “Auyl-el bes?g?”

by November 8, 2019 Market

The Committee on Agrarian Issues, Nature Management and Rural Development of the Senate of the Parliament held a meeting with the heads of the Ministries of National Economy, Agriculture, Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the implementation of the special project Auyl-el bes?g?.

We are concerned that many villages, especially rural areas that are located on the borders, were not included in the project Auyl-el bes?g? . After all, our citizens also live there, they also need schools and hospitals, said Ali Bektayev, chairman of the committee.

According to the vice-minister of national economy Ermek Alpysov, 900 billion tenge will be allocated for the project until 2027. 70% from the republican budget, the rest 30% from the local budget. By the end of the year, together with the akimats, the list of rural territories and settlements where these funds will be sent will be updated.

According to the plan until 2027, according to the results of the Auyl-el Besigi project, about 7 million rural residents will improve their well-being, will be provided with drinking water, and developed infrastructure, Alpysov assured.

In turn, the chairman of the committee on agrarian issues, nature management and rural development Ali Bektayev advised representatives of the ministry to personally go to settlements and check the development of the allocated funds. The senator also stressed that the committee will monitor the implementation of the program.

Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan