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Ounce of gold of National Bank of Kyrgyzstan increases in price by almost 8%

Over the past month, an ounce of gold measured bars, issued by the National Bank, increased in price by 7.9%. This is evidenced by the data on the website of the bank.

As of November 1, the buyback price of a measured ingot weighing 31.1 grams was 142,547 soms. Today, the National Bank buys an ounce of refined bullion from the population for 153 thousand 763 soms.

One can buy an ounce of gold from the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic for 166 thousand 276 soms. The sale price has not changed since October 14, having fallen in price by 10 thousand 870 soms, or, according to the official exchange rate of that day, by 130 US dollars.


Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency

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Last modified: December 2, 2022