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One of goals of introducing CSHI is to reduce incidental expenses of Kazakhstanis

by March 14, 2017 Market

According to him, basically citizens spend their own money for two basic categories – medical products and consultative and diagnostic services.

“For medicines – in addition to price regulation within the framework of medical insurance, we plan to gradually increase the coverage of population with free medicines as the money accumulates in the Fund,” Minister said.

For consultative and diagnostic services – mainly to the services of private diagnostic centers, Kazakhstanis resorted to cases when the quality of advisory services in public clinics is not satisfying, and more often because of large queues to specialists providing services free of charge.

“We are reviewing the rules in this direction. First of all, the rules are aimed at reducing regulatory barriers – we must reduce queues and allow private suppliers to provide these services free of charge due to medical insurance,” Y. Birtanov said.

These rules will be developed already this year. According to Minister, with the introduction of the CSHI, by doctor’s prescription a citizen can go to any consultant of his choice. The consulting will be paid from medical insurance. The main condition is that a private medical organization must have an agreement with the Health Insurance Fund, provide safe medical care and have licenses.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan