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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

On Five Social Initiatives, labor market, starting a business – Prime Minister’s meeting with students in Rudny

by May 25, 2018 General

It was stressed that the Five Presidential Initiatives provide unprecedented support to students. Additional20 000 grants for admission to universities, of which 11 000 for technical specialties, are allocated.

Along with that, special attention is paid to the living conditions of students. It is planned to launch large-scale work on the construction of dormitories everywhere and introduce at least 75 000 additional places by the end of 2022. The reduction in the cost of mortgage opens great opportunities for young people.

To implement the Social Initiatives, the Government adopted the Road Map. Regions have already started its implementation. For today in Kostanay region, it is planned to build five and reconstruct two dormitories, which will improve the living conditions of 2700 students. In addition, at the expense of the local budget, more than 50 million tenge have been allocated to provide 34 grants for pedagogical and technical specialties. In the next academic year, it is planned to issue 200 grants, 100 of which are for medical specialties and 100 � for pedagogical and technical professions. About 4,2 billion tenge is provided for the implementation of the fourth initiative to expand microcredit for the current year, which is 31% more than the amount of the previous year. More than 400 loans will be issued.

In the course of the discussion, special attention was also paid to the five megatrends of our time, which the President of Kazakhstan designated at the last week’s Astana Economic Forum. The main one is the transformation of the global labor market. Not the cost of the workforce, but for the level of employees’ qualification is becoming increasingly important for the enterprises. Routine physical labor can soon be replaced by robots by 80%. In the next decade, 10 to 50% of all current occupations fall into the risk of extinction.

Taking into account the applications of enterprises, universities and colleges can independently introduce new specializations for local production. For these purposes, the academic freedom of universities and colleges is now legally expanding. Thus, the need for local production in engineering personnel, specialists in the technical field will be met.

Young IT experts from Astana, whom Bakytzhan Sagintayev brought specifically to this meeting, spoke at the dialogue on how digital technologies develop in Kazakhstan. Magzhan Madiyev, Astana Hub International Technopark, Dagar Davletov, School of Programming “Method,” Mirus Kurmashev, MirusDesk LLP, Askhat Attapkhanov, Smart Lab LLP, shared their initial experience.

The region’s students who spoke at the meeting in support of the President Initiatives: a third-year student of Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute, Ayagoz Darkhanova � about the construction of a dormitory under the implementation of the President’s Five Social Initiatives, the victory in the StartUp Bolashak competition; a third-year student of the Rudny Industrial Institute, Eugene Stepanov � about the adoption of IT technologies in the educational process, cooperation with SSGPO JSC, grants for technical specialties; the second year student of the Rudny College of Construction and Transport, Damir Abdrakhmanov � about the social partnership with SSGPO JSC and dual training.

The speech of the 2nd year student of the Chelyabinsk State University, Angelica Pivovarova, was devoted to the issue of scientific developments in green and digital technologies, participation in the Youth Eurasian Economic Forum. A sophomore student of the Rudny Industrial Institute, Elnur Beken, spoke about training under the Serpin program, plans for employment in SSGPO.

Pavel Pustotin, a junior student of the Rudny Industrial Institute, spoke on the support of youth entrepreneurship through the allocation of grants from the SSGPO business and state programs, Anastasiya Krestova, a second year student of the Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute, shared her achievements in sports. A senior student of RII, Pavel Lanchev, shared his thoughts on the competitiveness of young specialists in the IT field. A student of the Rudny Social and Humanitarian College, Viktoriya Doroshko, offered to revise the loan for the purchase of housing under the program “With a Diploma � to the Village!”

Comments on the questions voiced during the meeting were given by akim of the region, Arkhimed Mukhambetov, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, Madina Abylkassymova, Vice Minister of Education and Science, Bibigul Assylova.

In general, the meeting showed that in the Kostanay region, the implementation of the President’s Five Social Initiatives is in full swing, the mechanisms for its implementation are put into effect and show their effectiveness. The youth of Kostanay actively supports and wants to participate in the implementation of the large-scale state program Digital Kazakhstan, which was repeatedly stressed at the meeting by students.

For reference: 42% of the region’s students of universities are receiving education in pedagogical specialties, 22% � in technical, 13% � social sciences, 8% � legal specialties, etc. In colleges: technical and technological specialties (programming, electronics, welding etc.) � 6942 people (30.3%), education (pre-school, primary school teachers, foreign language, etc.) � 4202 (18.3%), service and maintenance (nutrition specialists, cooks, seamstresses, fashion designers, translators, etc.) � 2886 (12.6%), agriculture (tractor driver/machine operators, veterinarians, etc.) � 2884 (12.5%), construction, housing and communal services (plasterers, painters, bricklayers) � 1888 people (8.2%).

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan