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Friday, September 17th, 2021

Okas Saparov: The Emba test site is transferred to Kazakhstan

by March 16, 2017 Key Issues

The Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted a law providing for the return of the Emba test site by Russia to Kazakhstan.

The bill was presented by Deputy Minister of Defence Okas Saparov; the document intends ratification of the protocol between Kazakhstan and Russia. In particular, from January 1, 2017, the protocol ceases the effect of earlier agreements concluded by Kazakhstan on the terms of use and lease of the test site and the test site lease agreement.

“The protocol provides for the transfer of land plots, movable and immovable property of the Emba site by the Russian Federation to the Republic of Kazakhstan for further exploitation, accounting for their depreciation, � Okas Saparov noted.

According to the protocol, the reception of the Emba test site will be carried out by a joint commission formed from authorized representatives of the parties. There are no present claims to the Russian side on improper fulfillment of obligations on the use of the test site, the Deputy Minister noted.

“The withdrawal of the site from leasing will have a positive impact on the economic development of the region. In particular, the returned land can be further used in the interests of entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture, organizations engaged in the field of exploration, extraction of minerals, � Okas Saparov said.

He noted that the withdrawal of the Emba test site from leasing is a continuation of the work on fulfilling the instructions of the Head of State to review areas of military test sites leased by the Russian Federation.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan