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Oilfield equipment and thermal energy: B. Sagintayev visits large industrial facilities in Zhanaozen

by June 8, 2018 Market

At the site of JSC Ozenmunaygas Bakytzhan Sagintayev got acquainted with the progress of digitalization and technological modernization of the enterprise. It should be noted that the new production base is equipped with modern machine tools produced in Bulgaria, Russia, China, the introduction of which increased the capacity and quality of repair works.

The Prime Minister was also presented the process of manufacturing non-standardized equipment and repair of oilfield equipment.

“The capacity of the workshop allows us to repair annually up to 400 thousand macaroni tubing pieces, 300 thousand sucker rods, 10 thousand deep well pumps. The enterprise has functioned since December 2017 with working staff of more than 300 people,” Director B. Nurlybayev reported and presented plans for further modernization of the enterprise.

General Director of Ozenmunaygas JSC B. Abayyldanov, in his turn, said that automation of processes and refusal of services of third-party organizations in subsequent years will provide an average saving of 967 million tenge.

During the visit to the Ozen Zhylu Bakytzhan Sagintayev got acquainted with the results of the expansion and modernization of the mini-thermal power plant under the Comprehensive Plan for Social and Economic Development of the city of Zhanaozen and readiness for the heating season 2018/2019.

As the director of the boiler house A. Rubilov said, at the end of 2017 new German turbines were applied at the thermal power station, which allowed to abandon the services of MAEK-Kazatomprom and supply electricity to external consumers.

To date, the mini-CHP covers the needs of the city of Zhanaozen, taking into account the growth of the number of consumers. It uninterruptedly provides the population with heat and hot water � this is 245 houses all over the city, social facilities: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, as well as enterprises of the industrial zone.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan