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Official Denial Made by Senate Press Service Regarding Video Message in Social Media


On March 9, 2020, a video message from user Gulmira Issembiyeva, a representative of the Korgau HR Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights, was posted on the YouTube video sharing platform.

It says “we are not allowed to speak in the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, our microphones are turned off at each round table, where we try speaking as parents. They just don’t give us the floor. Now I want to say that there is Article 152 pending in the Parliament, according to which we – parents – can be deprived of our parental rights due to a refusal of medical intervention, of any medical intervention, which, in their opinion, will preserve the health of our children. This means if we don’t want to get our children vaccinated, then we can be deprived of our parental rights. If we don’t want to give psychotropic drugs to our children – and psychodiagnostics is now being introduced to schools – then we can also be deprived of our parental rights and our children can be sent to the orphanage. I don’t agree with this amendment, and I believe many parents won’t.”

The Senate Press Service would like to officially declare that this is not true. The issues outlined in the video message are not currently being discussed in the Senate. Moreover, no draft law that would address such issues is currently pending.

All draft laws received by the Senate are discussed with wide public involvement. Everyone can speak and express their opinion.

To ensure public relations, the official website of the Parliament ( operates; there are the sections such as “Feedback”, “Collection of Proposals”, “Propose a Bill”, and “Pending Bills” included in the website.

Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan