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Nursultan Nazarbayev’s Address to the People: “Five Social Initiatives of the President”


During today’s joint session of the Chambers of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev addressed the people of Kazakhstan and voiced five new social initiatives, which need to be implemented in the country in the near future.

Dear people of Kazakhstan!

March is a special month in the calendar of Independence. In March we celebrate the Day of Gratitude. It is symbolic that this is, simultaneously, the date of the creation of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. In March, our people celebrate the sacred Nauryz Meiramy. Also in March, as is tradition, we honor our dear women. All these events unite the people of Kazakhstan.

It is thanks to the unity of the people and the state’s well-adjusted policy that we were able to pass all trials with flying colors.

Today, there are monuments of gratitude to the Kazakh people in four regions of Kazakhstan: Almaty, Zhambyl, West Kazakhstan and South Kazakhstan.

All these monuments were voluntarily built by different ethnic groups of Kazakhstan in gratitude to the land and the people who supported them during a difficult time.

And this causes a reciprocal appreciation of the Kazakh people for such a deep respect for our national history. This mutual respect and trust create the unity of our people.

This is an important moral undertaking, which confirms the greatheartedness of all Kazakhstanis.

I am convinced that gratitude elevates all.

Every Kazakhstani has made their contribution to the growth of modern Kazakhstan.

I especially appreciate ethno-cultural associations. Together � we have passed through very difficult times.

I am grateful to our people, who always supported me in the crucial moments of Independence.

In all the past presidential elections, the people unanimously supported and elected me. This is the highest reward for me. This is what gave me strength to work.

I worked, I work and will work to ensure that our people look confidently into the future.

That is why today in the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan I address my people with new social initiatives.

I have been considering this step for a long time. But Kazakhstan needed to accumulate strength and resources. And now � the time has come!

The time to make concrete efforts to strengthen the social unity of our society. And to do this through large-scale social projects.

The state is taking these essentially drastic measures.

The idea Kazakhstan is our common home should be filled with a new tangible meaning.

Given the importance of the new proposals, I initiated the convening of this joint session of the Chambers of the Parliament and the Government to discuss with you my new social initiatives aimed at further improving the well-being of every Kazakhstani.

I want to say this: everything that will be proposed today is a calculated program.

This is a rational, and at the same time, optimistic project for the benefit of the people.

I am convinced that a prosperous Kazakhstan is, first and foremost, self-confident people who feel the protection, support and care of the state and answer with reciprocity and patriotism.

Therefore, today we are opening the path to new large-scale social projects.

Dear friends!

Today we are ready to make a new, large-scale step along the road of social modernization. I offer Five Presidential social initiatives.

The first initiative: “New opportunities to purchase housing for each family.”

We have done a lot in recent years in order to expand the opportunities for our citizens to purchase housing.

During 2017, 11.2 million square meters of housing were commissioned. This is a record figure.

However, this is not enough. To this day, many families do not have their own homes.

This is a problem of exceptional social importance. It is necessary to create all conditions for its solution, increasing the availability of housing mortgages for the broad masses.

We need mechanisms to provide cheap resources, when each worker can take a mortgage to buy an apartment and service this loan taking into account the capabilities of the family budget.

Therefore, I propose to launch the program 7 – 20 � 25. Each working citizen will have an opportunity to get a mortgage loan in tenge under the following conditions. The interest rate on the loan will be no more than 7% per year, and not 14-16% like it is now.

If today banks require an initial contribution of up to 30%, and sometimes up to 50%, then under this program the initial contribution should not exceed 20%.

The loan term will not be 10-15 years, but up to 25 years, to reduce the amount of monthly payments for people.


Through the program Seven – Twenty – Twenty Five, one can get a mortgage with:

– An annual rate not exceeding 7%;

– An initial payment not exceeding 20%;

– A term of up to 25 years.


To do this, it is necessary to use the capabilities of the National Bank, second-tier banks and the stock market.

The National Bank needs to create a special company that will attract at least 1 trillion tenge and forward it for repayment of new mortgage loans provided by banks on the above terms.

The implementation of the program will give a powerful impetus to housing construction. As a result, access to housing will increase for millions of Kazakhstanis.

It will also affect the growth of the economy, small and medium-sized businesses, and create new jobs.

The dreams of many of our citizens will become reality!

The second initiative: Reducing the tax burden to increase the wages of low-paid workers.


In order to support working people of Kazakhstan with a relatively low salary, I propose to reduce their tax burden 10 times to 1% from January 1, 2019.

Reduction of the tax burden through individual income tax should be applied to those who receive payroll no more than 25 times the minimum monthly calculation index.

At the same time, it is necessary that the released funds from this reduction be directed to increase the payment of their labor.

As a result, at least one third of the country’s wage earners, more than two million people, will have increased wages without increasing the burden on employers.

In the future, the Government needs to explore the possibilities of introducing a progressive scale of income tax.

The third initiative: “Increasing the accessibility and quality of higher education and improving the living conditions of student youth.”

Today, more than 530 000 young people study in the country’s universities, of which almost 30% through grants allocated by the state.

To improve accessibility and quality of higher education, I propose the following measures.

In the 2018/2019 school year, 20 000 grants are to be allocated in addition to the 54 000 grants allocated annually.

Of these, 11 thousand are for training bachelors in technical specialties.

This will allow training thousands and thousands of specialists who will be in demand in the new economy in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution.

We are talking, first of all, about engineers, specialists in the field of information technology, robotics, and nanotechnology.

And this is also the state’s concern for our youth.

It is necessary to increase the cost of new grants in all universities for technical and agricultural specialties to the level of grants in national universities.

These measures will help increase the enrollment of secondary school graduates in higher education institutions, which is a worldwide trend. It is an investment in human resources.

In creating an education system on par with world standards, it is necessary to pay due attention to the studying and living conditions of students.

Today, the issue of providing students of universities and colleges with dormitories is acute.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to promote the construction of dormitories by universities, colleges, development companies on the principles of public-private partnership.

The state, for its part, through the Ministry of Education and Science will guarantee a gradual reimbursement of part of the investments directed to the construction of dormitories.

I task to by the end of 2022 ensure the construction of new student dormitories housing no less than 75 thousand people.

This will completely solve the problem in view of the growth in demand in the coming years.


The fourth initiative: Expansion of microlending.

As part of the ongoing work on the development of mass entrepreneurship among the self-employed and unemployed, the most effective mechanism is the provision of preferential microcredits.

In 2017, there 7200 microcredits were issued for the amount of 32 billion tenge.

At the same time, another 5000 people who trained under the Bastau Business project could not get microcredits to start their own business.


I instruct to allocate an additional 20 billion tenge in 2018, bringing the total amount of microlending to 62 billion tenge.

As a result, microlending will in total cover more than 14 thousand people, which will double the level of 2017.

This work should be actively continued in the following years. The significance of this initiative is that it will allow thousands of people to open their own business.

I would like to emphasize that this is especially important for rural areas, for the development of entrepreneurship in the countryside.

The fifth initiative: “Further development of gas infrastructure in the country.”

Over the years of independence, gas production in the country has increased from 8 to 52 billion cubic meters per year and will grow further.

To date, the gas infrastructure covers almost 50% of the population of the country. Nine regions have full gas infrastructure.

At the same time, the central and northern regions of the country are still without gas.


We need to implement a project to build a gas mains along the route Karaozek (Kyzylorda region) – Zhezkazgan – Karaganda – Temirtau – Astana.

To do this, it is necessary to attract appropriate funds, including from international financial institutions. This will not only provide gas to 2.7 million people, but also create new production of small and medium-sized businesses.

Ecology will also improve. Only in Astana, the transition to gas will reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere six times or by 35 thousand tonnes per year.

The implementation of this project will make it possible to further set up gas infrastructure in other regions.

These are the Five Presidential Initiatives.

Their implementation will create new jobs and contribute to the further growth of the country’s economy.

I instruct the Government and the National Bank to work out in detail the mechanisms for their implementation.

I ask the Deputies of the Parliament to make the necessary changes to the legislation in a timely manner.

Given the absolute importance of these initiatives, an extensive discussion of approaches for their effective implementation is required.

It is also important to carry out awareness-raising work among the population and business.

The Nur Otan Party will monitor the implementation of these important measures.

Dear compatriots!

The new state measures will become tangible for all Kazakhstanis, for all citizens of our country.

The society will have a new opportunity to plan the future, firmly linking its fate with Kazakhstan.

I think that it is necessary to consolidate this program legislatively.

The implementation of the program will fill the constitutional norm on the social state with a new concrete content.

In modern global conditions, national unity is social unity, and a successful state is a social state.

We look forward, not backward. And I am sure that together we will definitely form a realistic, pragmatic Kazakhstan model of a social state and national well-being.


Dear friends!

Today’s initiatives will succeed only if our country has a solid, stable society.

And the unity of the country is, first of all, the unity of the Kazakh people.

In order to become a prosperous country in the process of globalization, unity and solidarity are required first of all among us, Kazakhstanis.

There is one truth that has been proven by history our nation grows stronger in unity, and weakens without it.

Kassym Khan has laid the foundation of what further became the territory of modern Kazakhstan.

It is true that Unity of the country is the equality of the country!

The Lycurgus of the Kazakh Horde the Great Tauke has united the country and led through a period of peace, a time free from trouble.

Wealth is not riches, but unity this is the principle left to us from those times.

At the dawn of our nation, only after the unification of every Kazakh under the white flag of Ablay Khan was it possible to chase away the enemy from our country.

Our ancestors used to say – A united hundred will overcome a scattered thousand”.

These 3 Kazakh khans – 3 giants in the history of our country, their heritage is the unity of the people.

At the same time, there were many times when our country was devastated by the sword.

This is a bitter lesson of history.

Build your future taking lessons from the past goes the proverb, thus the lessons of the past are the priceless wealth of today.

Keeping this in mind, taking in the lessons from the past, our people enjoy great prosperity in the Independence era thanks to friendship and unity, peace and stability.

If we are to multiply our prosperity, strengthen our independence – we need a solid unity, which cannot be broken.

If we cherish our prosperity and unity, there will be no danger to our carefree life.

The country and the land belong to the people of Kazakhstan, as such the people themselves are responsible for everything good and bad that happens to the country.

And in realizing this great responsibility, in our nation uniting as one, we need to be an example to the rest of the world.

Only then, our sacred Kazakhstan, named after our people, will prosper and develop.

The nation will enjoy peace and comfortable living.

Let us keep this in mind and focus on the job!

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan