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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Nursultan Nazarbayev signed the law on cinema

by January 3, 2019 Market

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed the law on cinematography, reports with reference to the Akorda website.

“The Head of State signed the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan” On Cinematography “, aimed at establishing the legal framework in the field of cinematography,” the report says.

Films that are rented and shown not in Kazakh should be duplicated, either subtitled or provided with a voice-over translation into Kazakh, with the exception of films of limited distribution.

Rental of national films should be carried out in the Kazakh language and, if necessary, in other languages. Earlier, the Minister of Culture and Sports Arystanbek Mukhamediulyas reported that the current article of the law “On Culture”, concerning mandatory dubbing of films into the Kazakh language, is declarative.

“About 300 films are imported into the country, in fact, their entire rental is produced without a version in the Kazakh language. This is due to many reasons, one of which is the cost for the copyright holder. The actual cost of professional dubbing may exceed the income from their distribution in Kazakhstan. China, the United States is a prerequisite is the provision of subtitles of all films from the original language to the language of the audience. This is one of the most acceptable and effective mechanisms, “- said the Minister, speaking in the Senate.

Also, the law spells out the age classification of films with the assignment of age categories. The law defines the legal basis for the operation of the National Center for the Support of National Cinema, which will become the sole operator for the provision of state financial support for cinematography.

A new model of state funding for national cinema is being introduced. Under the government of Kazakhstan, in order to develop proposals and recommendations on issues of state financial support for national films, an advisory body is being created – the Interdepartmental Commission on state financial support for national films.

The law provides for the creation of a unified automated information system for monitoring films, which will provide for the systematization and accounting of films.

According to the accepted norms, the film will be rolled out and shown on the territory of Kazakhstan, except for cases when the film is shown at festivals, seminars, in retrospect, will be carried out only when it is registered in the State Register of Films and in accordance with the rental certificate issued.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan