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Nurly Zhol: 56.1 km heat supply networks reconstructed in 2016

by December 29, 2016 Fun

The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted that Kazakhstan has managed to maintain social and political stability, to prevent rising unemployment.

For example, as part of the state program “Nurly Zhol”, the bodies construct some major infrastructure projects in transport and logistics, industrial, social and residential areas.

“Nurly Zhol” will focus on the structural reforms in our economy”, – said Nursultan Nazarbayev in the Message to people of Kazakhstan on November 11, 2014.

In 2016, the National Fund allocated 739.0 billion tenge, including 472.8 billion tenge in the form of targeted transfers and 266.2 billion tenge through bond issues of domestic holdings.

Today, you can note the positive trend of the istate program “Nurly Zhol” in the development of the transport and logistics industry 618 km of roads were completed. As a result, the roads Western Europe – Western China, Astana – Temirtau, Almaty – Kapshagay and Astana – Petropavlovsk have been opened.

As the President noted in his speech, large-scale ferry port Kuryk, the railway line Borzhakty – Ersai will contribute to increase of export potential in a westerly direction through the ports of the Caspian Sea. The President instructed the Government to work out the issue of building or lease terminal facilities in the ‘dry’ ports and sea in China, Iran, Russia and the EU countries.

In addition, as part of modernization of housing and communal services, 450.6 km of utilities, among them – 56.1 km of heat supply networks, 292.9 km of water networks and 101.6 km of sewerage networks were built and reconstructed. Overall, in 2016-2017 it is planned to construct and reconstruct 1,182 km of utilities, including 90 km of heat supply networks, 816 km of water supply network, 276 km of sewerage networks. In the sphere of housing 697.1 square meters (12,124 apartments), rental housing through “KMC” JSC was put into operation.

In addition, within the anti-crisis measures 111 SMEs projects worth 31.3 billion tenge, 14 large business projects worth 17.1 billion tenge were financed. In addition, for the purchase of vehicles of domestic automakers 4,086 loans totaling 17.5 billion tenge were issued.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050