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Monday, August 15th, 2022

Nurlan Yermekbayev paid working visit to Aktobe region

by October 22, 2016 Market

During the visit, N. Yermekbayev met with mayor of Aktyube region Berdybek Saparbayev, during which they discussed the religious situation in the region and the measures taken by the state to regulate this sector, support issues at the regional level of the civil society institutions and to assist in the realization of the state youth policy .

At a meeting with representatives of non-governmental organizations N. Yermekbayev noted the role of the institutions of the “third sector” in solving social problems of the society, called on them to take an active part in the prevention of religious extremism, aim ??? projects at solving urgent problems of specific social groups.

The Minister drew attention of local executive bodies on the need to take into account the social needs of the population, made during the dialogue with NGOs and reporting meetings of mayors with population in the formation of their own budgets and themes of state social lots.

At a meeting with students of the city head of the ministry focused on state support system and establishment of favorable conditions for the development of youth, called to learn to recognize the tactics and methods of action of various destructive currents. He proposed to adress to the imams of mosques in order not to fall under their influence and to take religious knowledge.

On the same day, the Minister undertook a trip to Alga District, where he got acquainted with the activities of “Aktobe” madrassas.

N. Yermekbayev familiarized with the activity of the information-resource center Ansar, met with theologians and imams of mosques of the region. Minister noted the need to maintain and strengthen the constitutional principles of secularity.

Following the results of the visit, it was offered to continue systematic work at the local level for the adoption of comprehensive measures in the framework of enhancing the efficiency of rehabilitation work with the approval of a separate regional program on de-radicalization and rehabilitation of adherents of radical movements and their family members, to solve the issues of attracting qualified theologians in the mosque area.

As part of the work carried out by the Ministry of Religious Affairs Committee, 1750 events were held in Akotobe region, 54 thousand people attended it, including more than 1300 prisoners since the beginning of 2016.

The Office for Religious Affairs and the Office for Youth is given a number of specific instructions.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan