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Number of projects implemented in Almaty under “Tugan Zher” program

by May 23, 2017 Health

The creative intelligentsia of the city, deputies of the maslikhat, representatives of the public council, representatives of the business community discussed the plan of measures for the implementation of the “Tugan Zher” project.

For example, in Almaty it is planned to introduce the subject at schools “History of the native land”, restore the monuments, compile a list of social projects for improving the urban infrastructure, provide social facilities with material and technical means, render targeted material assistance, carry out the campaigns “Taza Koshe” and “Taza Audan”, to create tourist maps, hold a meeting of young historians and a forum of young ethnographers and others.

In addition, the approved plan of events includes the development of a crowdsourcing online platform for the unification of interested citizens with the opportunity to offer their ideas on specific topics, as well as the creation of a cultural, cognitive, historical and local history reality show “Tugan Zher” on the city channel.

Local historian Karl Baipakov made a proposal to build an open-air museum in Almaty.

“The face of each city is determined by the number of museums and theaters. Museums that are associated with the ancient history of Almaty should be many, so that our children, and we ourselves could personally see the history of our country”, Karl Baipakov said.

In turn, the Mayor of the city supported this initiative.

In conclusion, he cited the example of entrepreneurs who actively participate in the construction of social facilities, the improvement of the city, the holding of socially significant events, and provide charitable assistance.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050