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Number of NGOs in Kazakhstan providing special services to the public increased

by January 24, 2017 World Sports

Minister of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan T.Duissenova reported that department interacts with the non-governmental sector in several areas. In particular, NGOs are involved to provide special services to persons who are in a difficult situation, HIV / AIDS, TB, etc.

Special social services are provided in Kazakhstan since 2009. Cooperation of NGOs and the state in this sector lasts for more than 7 years and is aimed at creating equal conditions for citizens who are in difficult situations. During this period, the participation of NGOs in the market of social services has increased significantly compared with 2009, increased the amount of budget funds, as well as the number of people receiving special services.

For example, Invataxi services were introduced in 2014 as an additional measure of support for people with disabilities first and second groups of vehicles. The initiative was proposed by public associations of disabled people, who are the main providers of data services in 13 regions of the country. 13 Invataxi services with a fleet of 180 vehicles work for today.

Source: The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan