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Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Number of business inspections reduced by five times since 2010 – Ruslan Dalenov

by June 26, 2018 Legal

As the first vice minister stressed, a large-scale audit was conducted.

“There are 1 million 200 thousand active businessmen in the country. Last year 81 thousand inspections were carried out. This is almost 5 times less than in 2010. Now we are cutting supervisory functions. Before the adoption of the law, there were 544 functions, now we have reduced 108 functions, the total number will be 436 functions,” he informed.

According to the Ministry of National Economy, the control will be preventive. At the initial detection of violations, instead of a fine, entrepreneurs will be notified of the need to eliminate inaccuracies.

In addition, according to Dalenov, another innovation of the proposed amendments to the law on business activities is the digitization of all inspections.

“We will receive objective information: how to check, who conducts, in what terms. This will all be monitored,” he stressed.

The first vice minister recalled that earlier in the country there were 1,600 types of reports. Now their number is 1,200.

“We have reduced 400 types, we are translating them into an electronic format. The Ministry of National Economy will issue an order and those types of reports that are not included in this list, consequently, government agencies will not have the right to require them from the business. No in the list � no government agency will be able to demand. This is a very good innovation. If some state agency, central or local, introduces a new type of report for business: first they will have to get the order, undergo an analysis of the regulatory impact and only then it can be introduced,”

Recall that the law on improving the regulation of entrepreneurial activity was signed by the Head of State May 24, 2018.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan