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Number of animal outbreaks in regions decreased by 60.3% – Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan

by March 13, 2017 Legal

In 2016 149 hotbed acute infectious diseases of animals were recorded. Compared to the same period of 2015, a number of outbreaks decreased by 60.3%, the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan reported.

In particular, there is noted a decrease in foci of rabies from 141 to 75 (or 53.1%) outbreaks, of emkar from 44 to 21, also in 2016 such highly dangerous diseases as smallpox, leucosis, epididymitis that in the same period of 2015 were registered.

According to chronic diseases of animals, the dynamics of decrease in registration of disadvantaged points (for brucellosis) is noted, so in 2016 175 points were recorded, which is 47% (83 points) less than for the same period of last year (in 12 months 2015 – 258 points) .

“In 2016, the exotic disease “nodular dermatitis “was registered in Atyrau region. Infection is stopped in the primary outbreak. The liquidation measures are completed. For preventive vaccination, for the first time in 2017 a vaccine against nodular dermatitis was purchased”, – in the Department noted.

In addition, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, 75 veterinary laboratories have been put into operation and transferred to the balance of the Republican Veterinary Laboratory, the first floors of which are fully equipped and involved in production purposes. In 37 laboratories, the second floors are equipped with laboratory equipment.

In 2017, at the expense of its own funds, RVL to equip veterinary laboratories for the purchase of veterinary equipment 432.0 million tenge are allocated.

“In general, the epizootic situation in the Republic is stable and constantly monitored by the Committee”, – in the Ministry assured.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050