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NPP “Atameken” will help women entrepreneurs to enter the mass market


In order to step over the price barrier, Kazakh designers should be given the opportunity to enter the mass market, according to NPP Atameken.

Light industry in the structure of Kazakhstan’s manufacturing industry is 0.9 percent. In the structure of if the products produced in Kazakhstan, then 51% is accounted for by the production of textiles and, somewhere 38, only 38% is the production of clothing. For example, 11% are leather products, accessories, footwear, said Lazat Ramazanova, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Scientific Production Enterprise RK Atameken, Chairman of the Council of Business Women NPP RK Atameken

The main problem of domestic buyers the high cost of clothing of our designers.

And in order to step over this price barrier, we must give them the opportunity to go to the mass market, added Lazzat Ramazanova.

Only when Kazakhstani clothes will be released on an understandable fullsize mass market it will be available, the deputy chairman of the Board of Scientific Production Enterprise RK Atameken is sure.

She believes that in Kazakhstan there are new technologies, ways of business development, which should find their platform through the upcoming Light Industry Forum, which will be held in Astana in June 2019.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan