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NGOs to actively participate in the monitoring of social projects

by May 23, 2017 General

The updated draft law on improving state social procurement provides for the active involvement of representatives of civil society in the processes of forming topics, monitoring, and assessment of the results of implemented social projects. This was reported by Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs and Civil Society Abzal Nukenov at a press conference following the Government meeting.

The Deputy Minister explained the need to improve the bill by the fact that the first Law On State Social Procurement was adopted in 2005.

Representatives of civil society are invited to improve the legislative provisions to refine the quality of rendered state social services, enhance the efficiency and transparency in general, � A. Nukenov said.

Within the framework of the updated bill, much work is planned to monitor and analyze social projects that are being implemented in Kazakhstan today. At the same time, the Deputy Minister noted that the draft law does not imply strengthening control over the activities of NGOs, but reinforces mechanisms for controlling and monitoring the implementation of state social projects.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan