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New train station to receive first passengers on June 1

by May 31, 2017 Health

According to Zh. Korpebayev, the new station will receive 27 pairs of trains – this is 54 trains. The total volume of passenger traffic is more than 20 thousand per day.

“Nurly Zhol” railway station will receive priority routes that have a terminal station – Astana. At the same time, the old station will continue to exist but it will mainly receive transit trains and a certain part of the suburban communication”, the expert said.

He noted that this station will be a kind of passenger hub. In other words, here it performs the function of a railway station.

“As it is known, next year the LRT line with a final stop, which will connect the city center, the eastern zone of EXPO and Nazarbayev University will be created and will eventually be connected to the airport. In this station, we allocate special stops for intercity bus service. They will have separate cash desks. A question has also been worked out with Mayor’s Office on the movement of urban transport. That is, routes are defined, stop points are created and the question is also worked out with the city taxi – they will also have a separate parking zone. Accordingly, when all this works, there will be a passenger hub”, Zh. Korpebayev said.

Zh. Korpebayev explained that the loading and deplaning of passengers will be carried out on the platform on the third floor. On the 4th floor there are 10 ticket offices, information bureau, shopping boutiques with necessities for passengers. On the fifth floor, along with a waiting room, there are restaurants, fast food courts, public catering. The sixth floor has technical premises, the administration of the station.

“The platform aprons are able to receive all types of cars. There are also separate ones for Tulpar-Talgo cars. The station is connected to the main highway by a trestle, the length of which is 2.5 meters. The trestle is equipped with modern noise-proof screens”, the speaker shared.

He also stressed that the new station meets all the necessary standards and requirements.

“Much attention is paid to the safety of the station. There will be 16 search entrance groups. The station is equipped with a new intelligent video surveillance system. There are about 510 CCTV cameras in the building of the station. In a constant mode, the Line Internal Affairs Department officers carry out safety on foot, the sections of which are located directly in the station building. The entire video surveillance system also displays their premises”, Zh. Korpebayev informed.

We remind that today the Head of State has opened the new railway complex in Astana.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050