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New State Program for Development of agrarian and industrial complex to improve the welfare of the rural population in Kazakhstan – expert

by November 30, 2016 World Sports

He said that the main purpose of State Program is to provide competitive products, demand in the markets.

“The program has the status of the State, therefore, involves interagency cooperation. This means that we touch not only on agriculture but also related areas, including land issues, water resources, agrochemical security, trade and logistics infrastructure and so on. It allows to cover the issue comprehensively, providing all the main points, which affect the development of the agricultural sector,” S. Kenzhebulat said.

He noted that the need for the development of the program arose from the fact that agricultural sector should be the main driver of future country’s economic growth under current conditions.

According to him, incentives and government support, and the creation of the necessary infrastructure, is provided in order to ensure that products were not inferior to peers in price and quality.

“Conditions through co-operation will be created to do this, when products, manufactured by personal homestead and small farmers, will be concentrated with cooperatives, and then transmitted to the processing plants, which are currently underutilized. When the economy will work not only for themselves, and people will begin to understand that it is possible to make money and earn extra income, it will spur entrepreneurial activity and villagers, besides subsistence production for themselves, will be engaged in the production of commodities to enter the market, ” S.Kenzhebulat noted.

According to him, such a boost in agriculture can give the development of related industries, which will create new jobs and improve the welfare of the rural population.

It should be reminded that State program of development of agribusiness for 2017-2021 was considered at the meeting of the Government, held on November 29.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan