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New productive employment development program to improve the quality of human resources – expert

by December 2, 2016 Legal

According D.Argandykov, the number of economically active population has increased by 11% over the past 10 years, the number of new employees by 1.5 million, the number of unemployed and the self-employed have been reduced. The unemployment rate decreased by 47% and amounted to 4.9% of the economically active population. In recent years, more than 700 thousand people were involved in the activities of “ERM-2020”.

“However, the problem is the low quality of human resources. The proportion of those who have only basic, secondary, general and primary education remains. Another problem is the demographic imbalance. According to target assessment it is planned that the country’s population will amount to more than 24.5 million by 2050. In 2050, the population of the northern regions can be reduced to 0.9 million, in south will grow by more than 5 million, and the density of settlement of the southern regions will be by 4 times more than north. At the same time, 38% of the population, excluding Almaty, lives in the southern regions. While the share of regional products makes only 17%. But in the northern regions, 29% of the population accounts for 25% of gross regional product. This suggests that the economy is diversified, and if we talk about south – almost 60% accounted for trade and other services. The necessary measures are necessary to promote labor mobility,” Daulet Argandykov said.

He added that the share of unproductive employment, the self-employed, is maintained. Having a large area, there is low density, insufficient capacity of the labor market in rural areas. All of this creates challenges for the labor market.

“Accordingly, the first objective of productive employment development program and mass business is to create an effective system of obtaining marketable professional qualifications, skills; training, taking into account the demand from employers. It is clear that it is impossible to create a large number of wage jobs in rural areas, so we will also continue to develop entrepreneurship, micro-credit. But unlike “ERM-2020,” it is supposed to extend the measures in the city,” D.Argandykov added.

It is also planned to create a single digital platform in the labor market on the basis of the online resource for job search and staff selection

“The development of labor market, the creation of a digital platform is directly involved in our” Centre of workforce development.” In general, MHSD of Kazakhstan together with the mayors’ office handle employment issues. We ask all those who are looking for work or employees to find more information at this website, ” addressed to the people of Kazakhstan D.Argandykov.

The main goal of the program is to reduce unproductive employment, unemployment. Free support will be given to 9-11 graduates, who were unable to enroll in schools, so that they could gain skills and become competitive in the labor market. In this direction it is planned to train about 21 thousand people. Short courses will be given to 26-30 thousand people.

It should be reminded that the new productive employment and mass entrepreneurship program was reviewed at the meeting of the Government, which was held on November 29.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan