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Sunday, July 3rd, 2022

New high-voltage substation launched near Bishkek

by December 22, 2021 General

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Zhaparov attended on Wednesday the launch of the 110/10 kV high voltage substation Altyn Kazyk near Bishkek, his press service said.

The head of state was briefed on the construction project of the Altyn Kazyk substation and then familiarized with its operation and control system.

Addressing the audience, Zhaparov congratulated the country’s power engineers on their professional holiday, Power Industry Day.

“Energy is an industry of strategic importance to the entire economy of the country. Each of you makes a significant contribution to the reliable and sustainable operation of this system,” he said.

The Kyrgyz leader noted that the commissioning of the new 110/10 kV high voltage substation will improve the quality of power supply to residential areas Dordoi, Ene-Sai, Dordoi-2, Tendik, Kelechek, Muras-Ordo and other settlements, as well as industrial and commercial facilities operating in these territories.

Sadyr Zhaparov noted the need to accelerate work to improve infrastructure and solve the problem of electricity in others. Instructions to build today’s substation were given a month ago, the work in this direction will continue.

“And now we have built the new substation without any outside loans. We are building it all with our own resources. We used to borrow money, which made the energy system indebted for KGS 130 billion. Such progress will give us confidence in the sustainable development of our country’s energy sector. There are many such projects that we can implement ourselves,” the president of Kyrgyzstan said.

The head of state paid special attention to the main priority activities aimed at developing the country’s energy sector – construction of the Kambarata-1 hydroelectric power plant and implementation of the CASA-1000 export project, as well as the issue of developing remote regions of the country to fully supply consumers with electricity.

Given the strategic importance of achieving energy security, the president said he would personally supervise the implementation of instructions and set tasks in the energy sector.

The new substation Altyn Kazyk will improve the quality of electricity supply to consumers living in Dordoi, Ene-Sai, Dordoi-2, Tendik, Kelechek, Nurgozho-Ata, Muras-Ordo, etc., as well as industrial and commercial facilities located in these areas.

Reserve capacity of the high-level voltage substation is 10 mW.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency