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Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

New electronic procurement platform of Samruk-Kazyna to be launched in July 2018

by February 28, 2018 General

In July this year, a new electronic procurement site is being launched. The implementation of all procurement processes in one life cycle on a single site will allow the Fund to monitor the status of procedures in real time, a qualitative and integrated analysis, identify errors, and respond promptly to complaints from suppliers.

As Bolat Zhumagaliev noted, the new electronic procurement platform ISEP 2.0 will create convenient conditions for the use of an electronic platform for customers and suppliers, will lead to a reduction in costs for maintaining the electronic platform, and will ensure transparency of purchases through blockchain technology.

“Improving the purchasing activity of the Samruk-Kazyna SWF introduces in-house audit, which defines ‘risk profiles,’ pre-determined, fixed criteria, assessment of the risk system and compliance with the requirements of the basic procurement rules. To date, the current system tracks about 18% of the risks, and the new system introduced will fix about 55% of the ‘risk profiles’ and thereby close more than half of the risks of the violations committed, already directly by building the logic business processes in automation,” Bolat Zhumagaliev said.

In order to increase the transparency of the Prequalification process, it is proposed to create an appeal committee to consider complaints involving representatives of the Fund, Atameken NCE, and independent auditors.

“In general, we want to transfer all the procurement functionality to this platform, i.e. there will be a single procurement portal, starting from planning and ending with the conclusion and execution of contracts. We want to create a platform that will be convenient for all users, including potential suppliers, customers, where a friendly interface will help optimize the use of this platform and provide more elaborate tools,” Bolat Zhumagaliev said.

According to the speaker, the logic of building business processes through automation will help avoid any mistakes in the system by definition.

“One of the principal innovations is that customers will make decisions on this portal, approve their procurement plans, make decisions on the announcement, conclude contracts online, i.e. this allows all participants and users of the system to see the current information on the portal. Thus, we want to ensure the trust in the system on this portal. We tell all users: we have openness and transparency, everything is decomposed clearly enough,” Bolat Zhumagaliev underlined.

He also said that upon completion of the system development and commissioning, it is planned to integrate it with state registers and with other independent data sources, thus the new platform will become universal.

“The new platform is developed using Open Source software. We relieved ourselves from the necessity of having to pay license fees to foreign tenders. The creators of our system are domestic developers. Having eliminated the need for expensive technical support, from license fees, we save about 150 million tenge per year,” Bolat Zhumagaliev explained.

Responding to journalists’ questions about the security of the new portal, Bolat Zhumagaliev noted that the development is under the control of a specialized working group of the fund, which includes, among other things, the information security service, i.e. crash tests, attack tests are conducted, independent companies in this field are involved, who carry out before the industrial launch tests for vulnerability, to eliminate them.

“On security, all this work is done in a mandatory manner, since we understand that the system is quite serious, these risks must be taken into account. Regarding security, including the security of data, we placed our information base on two independent data centers, i.e. servers are located in different places, both in Astana and outside it. This allows us, in the event of even some theoretical catastrophe of one of the data centers, to pass smoothly to the second double, and the system will also work safely. All this has been tested,” Bolat Zhumagaliyev summed up.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan