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Saturday, January 16th, 2021

New book about Kazakh cinema was published in Astana


N. Rakhmankyzy is the author of 2 books about the life and creativity of Oraz Abishev, filmmaker of a documentary film of Kazakhstan: “Film director Oraz Abishev” and “Oraz Abishev”, and also over 100 articles, reviews, research papers and interviews about the Kazakh cinema.

In research papers, reviews, articles, interviews that were included in the book, the problems of the Kazakh documentary and feature films, film scripts, films of young, film festivals, actual problems of the national cinema art are examined and analyzed. The main structure of the book consists of 4 parts: “Uakyt zhane kazak kinosy” (“Time and Kazakh Cinema”), “Kazak kinosy: kokeidegi kop saual” (“Kazakh movie: essential issues”), “Uakyt. Cinema. Tulga” (“Time. Cinema. Face”), and “Kino – om?r ainasy” (“Cinema � world’s reflection”).

In the first part of the book “Uakyt zhane kazak kinosy”, which includes research work and heroes of the Kazakh documentary and feature films are analyzed, the cinematography of the Kazakh prose, screenplays and many other topics.

The second part of the book “Kazak kinosy: kokeidegi kop saual” included articles on topical problems of the Kazakh cinema, film festivals, young movies and film reviews. In the third part of “Uakyt. Cinema. Tulga” presents interviews with famous domestic filmmakers, examines the problems of the repertoire of films, domestic film distribution of the 90s, the first international film festival “Eurasia” held in 1998, and also opinions, views and reviews of filmmakers to the time, society and cinema. The final, fourth part contains interviews with the author, which were published in different years on the pages of republican newspapers and magazines.

The book of the film critic N. Rakhmankyzy “Kazak kinosy keshe zhane bugin” will provide the reader with the fullest information about Kazakh cinema of yesterday and today.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050