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Thursday, November 26th, 2020

Nearly 30 countries interested in participating in nuclear energy – Y.Amano


Yukiya Amano noted that he is pleased to participate in the launch of the world’s first Low Enriched Uranium Bank and thanked Kazakhstan for its consent in its construction.

“The IAEA and the relevant bank are complex projects that included negotiation processes, a number of agreements and permanent working relations between the IAEA and Kazakhstan. Personal contribution of President N. Nazarbayev from the very beginning gave a strong impetus to this project. I also express my gratitude for the remarkable work with the organization and the fact that we had the appropriate services provided in accordance with the standards of the IAEA and the Bank”, Mr. Amano said.

At the same time, the head of the IAEA said that the Bank will act as a mechanism of the last point for providing fuel to the member countries.

“Nuclear energy helps to meet the various challenges that exist in all countries. These are questions of providing the appropriate energy to economic growth points. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the effects of the negative aftermath of the climate change. For today 447 nuclear power plants operate in 30 countries of the world, 58 more reactors are under construction. They are mostly in Asia. Almost 30 countries are interested in participating in nuclear energy. Therefore, it is very important that this mechanism, like the Low Enriched Uranium Bank of the IAEA, is created to provide confidence to the countries that they will be able to cover their future expenses in terms of nuclear energy and nuclear fuel. I am confident that the IAEA bank will give an appropriate valuable contribution to the participation of international efforts to ensure that fuel for nuclear power plants will be always available”, the IAEA head added.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050