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Monday, November 30th, 2020

Nazarbayev to country’s youth: the future of Kazakhstan depends on you

by January 23, 2019 Legal

Today President Nursultan Nazarbayev has officially kicked off the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan. The Year of Youth is the unique and large-scale event, initiated in Kazakhstan for the first time. During this year it is planned to take measures that will fully support and implement the state youth policy. Read more in the review material of the Information Agency.

The new generation of Kazakhstanis I see today is the biggest achievement of Kazakhstan, the biggest result of my work as the Head of State. I am delighted to meet you today and extend my heartfelt congratulations on the start of the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan, Head of State N. Nazarbayev said, unveiling the Year of Youth.

The President dramatized the importance of the upcoming Year of Youth for the full and effective participation of young people in all aspects of society: education, work, family, and even a way we communicate.

This will dramatically change the development pathway of the entire world and Kazakhstan, of course. We are witnessing the birth of the new global civilization with digital society and knowledge-driven economy, Nazarbayev said.

The Head of State noted that all achievements of the country are aimed at making the future breakthrough not to lag behind other countries or bite the dust.

The youth is the key factor of our country’s competitiveness. We’ve already joined the world’s 50 most developed countries, however, this is not enough. Today the competition is not only between the countries, but between people. The country with the most creative generation, the generation which will propel education and science to the new heights, wins. The future of Kazakhstan depends on you, your energy, knowledge, and patriotism. Everything, we are doing now, is done for the sake of your happy life, President Nazarbayev addressed to all young people of Kazakhstan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted a number of problems concerning the socio-cultural adaptation of young people and the development of their competitiveness.

Within the Year of Youth, we must develop simple and understandable support tools designed to meet the urgent needs of young Kazakhstanis. First of all, this is affordable and high-quality education, availability to work, housing and opportunity to start a family, the Head of State stressed.

In this connection, the President instructed the Government to take a number of measures.

First. Houses for young families

Taking into account the acuteness of this problem for young families in large cities, the Government must first ensure the construction of at least one thousand apartments per year for the working youth in Astana, Almaty and Shymkent.

The President added that these apartments should be classified as rental housing.

The remarkable thing is that the 7-20-25 Housing Program is also directed on the solution of this problem. In addition, enterprises of all forms of ownership should take an active part in creating housing conditions for young employees.

Second. Employment

Last year more than 125 thousand young people graduated from secondary school in Kazakhstan. In the medium term, the number of young people entering the labor market will only grow. Currently, there are about 300 thousand people in the country, or 9% of young people, who are not involved in educational and labor activities. It is necessary to take effective measures that will contribute to the annual reduction of this category of young people, the Head of State said.

Here, Nazarbayev proposed to create the Young Entrepreneur program and allocate 32 billion tenge for youth grants to start up new business.

As the Head of State stated, it is crucial to develop such a program countrywide. It is essential to bring the number of unemployed youth who receive education and self-employed young people up to 100,000 annually.

The President cited Bastau Business as an example which is realized by the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs. 43,000 rural people were taught business basics in rural and under-populated settlements. 11,000 business projects were realized. 16,000 workplaces were created under the project.

There are 7,000 small rural settlements in Kazakhstan. There are guys who graduated from the school but failed to enter colleges or universities. This program is called to specify niches, show the ways of obtaining credits, setting up a business, the President stated.

The President has charged the Government to double grant financing for youth under the Business 2020 Roadmap.

Also Nursultan Nazarbayev suggested creating a special fund that will support youth startups.

Many developed countries have special funds for implementation of ideas put forward by youth. I charge the Government together with large business companies, oligarchs and national companies to establish a special fund that will support youth startups, President Nazarbayev stated.

The next instruction was to raise scholarships for students who are involved in volunteering activities.

We should pay special attention to students. Over the years of independence 2.8 million specialists obtained higher education. High level of education of the population is an important competitive factor of any country. We are proud our population is well-educated, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

President Nazarbayev reminded that 20,000 additional grants were allotted within the Five social initiatives for 2018-2019. Moreover, new dormitories for youth will be constructed by 2022.

It was noted that there are many volunteers among Kazakhstani students. Their volunteering activities help them quicker adapt at the labor market. According to reports, one third of employees of the world’s 30 largest companies volunteer every week for 1 hour. In this light, Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed the Government to increase scholarships for 30% for students who are involved in volunteering activities.

Third. Support for creative youth

Today we need to create a database, a kind of intellectual youth bank, in order to provide selective support for our talents. It is also important to actively assist young scientists. To this end, I instruct the Government to increase grant financing for basic and applied researches of young scientists by three billion tenge. Nowadays it’s necessary to make science and education accessible to all eagers, Nazarbayev said.

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev assigned to develop distance education in the country.

Kazakhstan should provide its youth with the necessary knowledge and skills that will ensure success and prosperity for all. Massive opportunities for this are given by distance learning. For instance, one-third of 20 million students in higher education institutions in the U.S. study online, but we are just starting. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the scope of application of distance learning in our country, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

According to him, Open University provides Kazakhstani youth with such prospects.

It should be supported by the Government. This project should be promoted in all universities, colleges, at the level of employers, the Head of State said.

It is noteworthy that Open University is an educational platform that offers free access to online courses run by the country’s leading university professors.

Nursultan Nazarbayev focused particularly on the key priorities of the qualitative development of the technical and vocational education system. In this connection, the Leader of the Nation charged to elaborate the Young Specialist program.

The Government should develop the 100/200 Young Specialist program. Over three years the project should embrace about 200,000 young people around the country. We would like to train specialists in 100 most popular industrial and service professions at the ground of 200 modernized educational establishments, the President said.

The Head of State has charged also to establish a top university in each region similar to Nazarbayev University attracting foreign professors and ten colleges complying with 100/200 principle. Nursultan Nazarbayev has also proposed to equip colleges with the latest technologies.

We will spend money on this and purchase 400 sets of state-of-the-art equipment for training in jobs. I suggest that all the systemic companies of Kazakhstan and large businesses of each region should be involved in this work, Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized.

According to him, at the modernized educational institutions, there will be startup centers operating to support innovative projects of young people.

60 billion tenge will be allocated from the republican budget for the realization of this program.

Fourth. It is important to guide the energy of youth to the direction of creativity and self-realization

By the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence, on the basis of the Zhasyl Yel movement, it is necessary to launch a nationwide project Green City – Green Village. For 20 years, a man-made forest has sprung up around Astana � this is over 80 thousand hectares of green space, thanks to which the urban environment has become more comfortable and environmentally friendly. Following the example of Astana, it is necessary to develop a green ecosystem of human settlements in all regions, Nazarbayev instructed.

Also the Head of State charged to create the Young Soldier program that will provide military-patriotic education of young people.

In the words of the Kazakh President, it’s necessary to paid attention to the development of young tourism, as well.

Fifth. Support for young families, healthcare and social inclusiveness

Nursultan Nazarbayev expressed concern over frequent divorces among young couples.

1.5 million families have been created since 1991 in Kazakhstan. 25% of them divorced in the first years of living together. Why did it happen? We know some common problems such as family difficulties, shortage of finances, lack of housing, living together with parents. Social activists, scholars, mass media should focus on this issue. Creation of a family, support of a young family are of paramount importance, Nazarbayev said.

According to the Head of State, young people should be taught how to live within new social roles and social life tendencies.

We need to explain our school students the peculiarities of family planning and family life, he noted.

Together with the Government we should think over provision of psychological and consultative support to youth in all family-related issues, the President said.

As for healthcare maintenance, Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that it is necessary to revive the tradition of holding republican youth championships and students’ universiades.

In conclusion, the Head of State stressed that all proposed ideas should be reflected in a special Roadmap in the field of youth and family development.

In only two years we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of our independence. This date is especially important for the patriotic education of young people. In this regard, I instruct the Government to develop a program for the preparation and celebration of this significant anniversary for our country. All proposed initiatives and projects should be reflected in the final document of the Forum, the President concluded.

We should remind that by the presidential decree, 2019 was declared as the Year of Youth.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050