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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Nauryz is one of the ancient holidays of the peoples of Eurasia

by March 21, 2017 Fun

“Nauryz is one of the ancient holidays of the peoples of Eurasia. The holiday dates back to the 4th-5th centuries BC. The written sources of Firdovsi, Al-Farabi, Abu Rayhan al-Biruni also claim that this is one of the ancient holidays of the peoples of Eurasia. We can say that the ancient tribes of Kazakhstan celebrated it from time immemorial. On the basis of archaeological, written, ethnographic sources, Abu Raikhan Biruni and Firdovsi stated that one of the founders of this holiday is Iranian king Jamshid”, the historian told.

He also told that Kazakhstan is rich in its history and on its territory Iranian-speaking ancient Aryan and Saka tribes lived who left their traditions and culture and handed them over to us.

“Some sources say that one of the founders of this holiday are the tribes that believed in Zoroastrianism. Kazakhs are the receivers of these tribes. On the territory of Kazakhstan, these tribes, their traditions, culture, customs interacted, this is an important factor in the development of our culture”, A. Bikenov said.

He also noted that Nauryz was forbidden in Soviet times – since 1925 – and Kazakhs began to celebrate it only in 1988.

“Kazakhs are the recipient of the nomadic civilization, and we can assert that Nauryz is the ancient Iranian word “Nou”- new and “ruz”- day. This equinox holiday is a calendar holiday. Nomads during their life interacted with the ecosystem, with nature, naturally, the revival of nature is an important factor for nomads, for all the peoples of Eurasia. Nauryz holiday is not a religious holiday, it is a holiday of spring, spring equinox, and it is not only a Kazakh holiday, it is a holiday of all the peoples of Eurasia, and we, the peoples of Kazakhstan and Eurasia, have lived together for centuries in friendship and harmony. A striking proof of this is the fact that the Nauryz holiday was approved by the UNESCO. Let Nauryz bring us happiness and luck this year”, A. Bikenov said congratulating the people of Kazakhstan on the holiday.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050