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Nauryz is holiday of soul and heart – Armenian center “Van”

by March 22, 2017 Health

“The Armenian cultural center “Van” exists since 2000. When the decree on the creation of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan was already issued, we began creating our cultural center in Astana. For this period a lot of things were made by our center. There is a dancing group in which children from 7 to 15 years participate today. At the moment it is 10�12 people, but people not only Armenian, but also different nationalities come here. There is a Sunday school which works at capital school ? 32. It is possible to tell that we give a chance, an opportunity to children who were born here, so that they do not forget their native language”, � the Head of the cultural center told.

According to S. Akopov, today in the Armenian cultural center there are about 300-400 people.

“Throughout Kazakhstan our cultural centers have united and work together. Many thanks to our President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who enabled us, non-indigenous residents of Kazakhstan, would not forget our language, traditions, school, and dances. Indeed, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan made a lot of things for these years. More than 130 ethnoses sincerely rejoice that we live on this land. We are law-abiding people and try not to violate these laws. I consider myself Kazakhstani citizen. I had served in Kazakhstan for 25 years, for 6 years I have been retired and lead the Armenian cultural center”, – he emphasized.

For the time that S. Akopov heads the center, the association took an active part in all the republican and city events.

The Chairman of the ethno-cultural association also told what national dishes the Armenian people prepare during the holidays.

“On holidays we, naturally, cook different dishes: dolma, shish kebab in the 1st place. There is hashlama, which is made from vegetables, potatoes and meat, of course, there is more meat. The Armenians, like the Kazakh people, love meat. This holiday we always celebrate with our family on a wide scale”, – the Speaker declaimed.

The Head of “Van” congratulated all residents of Kazakhstan on the spring holiday “Nauryz”.

“I would like to note that Nauryz is the holiday that unites all of us. Regardless of faith and nationality, we celebrate all holidays: New Year, Kurban Ait, the Easter. We live under one shanyrak (the Kazakh equivalent of roof), which unites us. Everything learns in comparison. Look at what is happening in other countries and compare it with Kazakhstan. We can state with assurance that Kazakhstan is in the leading position. I congratulate all Kazakhstanis on the holiday of Nauryz. I want to wish everyone happiness, kindness, a peaceful sky overhead on our Kazakhstan land. Nauryz is the holiday of soul, the holiday of heart”, – S. Akopov wished.

It should be noted that the Armenian cultural center “Van” on the eve of Nauryz took an active part in various cultural and concert programs of the capital.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050