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National Economy Ministry to launch program to train akims to manage the budget and communal property of local administration

by January 24, 2017 Key Issues

Ministry of National Economy will launch a program to train akims and staff workers to manage the budget and communal property of local administration, Vice Minister of National Economy Aibatyr Zhumagulov informed.

Mazhilis discussed today the topical issues of the local government development. Minister of National Economy Timur Suleimenov introduced the bill that provides for the introduction of an independent budget and communal property of local government, which was approved by the Mazhilis in the first reading, January 18. Local government budget at the level of the district-level cities, villages, rural districts is being introduced at the 4th level of the state budget in 2018 in administrative territorial units with a population exceeding 2,000 people, and from 2020 � across the country.

Adopting the bill would require from the akims and staffers the knowledge and skills in the area of budget planning and execution, reporting, creating and managing communal enterprises. A new target program will be launched for this purpose with the aim of training the akims and staffers, Zhumagulov informed.

In his words, the National Economy Ministry will coordinate the training of akims to work with the 4th level of the budget.

The quality training by 36 teachers will be organized on the basis of the Academy of Public Administration and there will be elaborated educational methodical complex on the budget process and communal property management for the teachers, akims and staffers. The teachers after being trained will train akims of villages and staffers. In order to enhance the accountability of students, the training will end with electronic testing, Zhumagulov informed.

The Academy of Public Administration will develop in February the training program and the educational methodical complex for the teachers, akims and staffers. 5-day training course for teachers will be launched in March 2017. In April-July 2017 the teachers trained will train akims and staffers. The National Economy Ministry plans to additionally create training videos with the assistance of specialists in the organization of budget process and public property management. The video tutorials will be available online at the official web resources of the ministries and akimats at any time.

The first training phase will cover the villages with the population exceeding 2,000 people; there are 1,066 of them in the country today. It is planned to train 3,198 civil servants, including 1,066 akims and 2,132 staffers, Vice Minister concluded.

There also will be formed advocacy groups from among the existing staff of the office of economy and finance, the treasury and state revenue departments. According to the network diagram, these groups of practitioners will leave for the district level cities, villages, rural areas to train akims to manage budget and communal property of the local government.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan