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N.Nazarbayev’s article is especially important for younger generation – A. Nukenov

by April 15, 2017 Fun

“We recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of our independence, but now new and positive changes take place in the country. We have a new task ahead of us. Firstly, Kazakhstan enters a new stage of its development – this is the Third Modernization. Secondly, the country is carrying out constitutional reforms. This is a very important step towards the democratization of society”, – the Vice-Minister said.

In turn, the article of the President of Kazakhstan gives a great direction to the Kazakh people. It is especially important to understand this to young people who will also work for the good of our people and tomorrow. Since this article is aimed at young people specifically.

“Of course, for this, the younger generation must work much and hard. As the President noted in his article, the first condition for the modernization of a new type is the preservation of its culture, its own national code. Indeed, modernization should make the best traditions a prerequisite, an important condition for the success of modernization. As the Head of State said, without national-cultural traditions modernization will hang in the air. This is true. It is education that should be accessible to everyone and we must show new opportunities to solve certain problems that exist in our society”, – the Vice-Minister said.

According to him, the most important task is to develop, but to do this step by step, that is, in an evolutionary way.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050