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N. Nazarbayev: The main thing is that our exhibits wouldn’t be inferior to foreign ones

by April 21, 2017 Key Issues

“I am entrusting the NC “Astana EXPO-2017″ and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan to speed up the process of content filling by all participants of the pavilions. The Kazakhstan pavilion will be the focus of attention, they come to Kazakhstan primarily. I am reported by 28 domestic developments, including the project of our universities in the field of energy, environmental protection, as far as they meet the demand for the word of new technologies. Bozumbayev, Sagadiyev are responsible for this. The main thing is that our exhibits wouldn’t be inferior to foreign ones. The main thing is that it worked further,” the President said.

The next task, as the Head of State noted, is holding various events during the EXPO.

“We consider it as an important image project, an approved schedule of 18 significant high-level events. You know that among them are the SCO Summit, Astana Economic Forum, the Council of Foreign Investors. Also, high-level visits by Heads of States are expected. The Government, the city to ensure with a qualitative study of all organizational issues, well-coordinated interaction of all state bodies,” the Head of State instructed.

According to the President, the landmark of the city will be volunteers, who have been preparing these days.

“The success of the exhibition will depend on their hospitality, mindfulness, precise work, how well they are prepared, it’s good that they know languages, they can talk. Akhmetzhan Yessimov, Asset Issekeshev are to pay attention to this. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan needs to strictly monitor how we will serve the guests with medical services and monitor the quality of food products at public catering points,” N. Nazarbayev gave the task.

The next important step in the work of EXPO is information work.

“I want to note that the goal of the exhibition is not only to raise the image of the country, but also to introduce visitors to the most advanced technologies, not only visitors, but also Kazakhstanis. As much as it is possible, to involve all media on promotion of EXPO, its exhibits in the world and inside camps. The Ministry of Culture and Sports is responsible for it,” N. Nazarbayev addressed the Head of the Department.

As the Leader of the Nation said, the country spent huge state funds for construction and commissioning, they should work effectively and after the exhibition for the country.

“It is necessary that they not only cover their content and exploitation, but also contribute to the economy of the country. Are the options, mechanisms for the future effective use of the infrastructure of this city been computed? We need to see a holistic picture of the use of all the objects that are available after the exhibition. I instruct the Government together with the NC “Astana EXPO-2017″ to carefully review and make proposals once again,” the President concluded.

It is to be recalled, that N. Nazarbayev also mentioned that it is necessary to solve all the problems concerning the organization of EXPO-2017.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050