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N.Nazarbayev noted Supreme Judicial Council’s role in work for selection of quality stuff

by January 20, 2017 World Sports

During the meeting A. Smolin has informed the President about the results of the activity of the Supreme Judicial Council for 2016 as well as about the implementation of the National Plan “100 concrete steps” in terms of the optimization of the mechanism to select judges.

Nursultan Nazarbayev has noted the special role of the Supreme Judicial Council in the ongoing work on the selection of high-quality personnel, in accordance with the new rules and laws, having emphasized the inadmissibility of interference in its activities by other bodies.

“We have created the first standalone Supreme Judicial Council to provide the full objectivity and non-interference. Currently we select the judges in accordance with the new rules, new laws”, the President of Kazakhstan has said.

A.Smolin has reported on the implementation of the 17th step of the National Plan envisaging the stricter qualification requirements and the order for selection of judges.

Also the Chairman of the Board has informed about the progress made in solving the tasks set by the President of Kazakhstan at the VII Congress of Judges.

Following the meeting, the President has instructed to continue the work on improvement of personnel work in the judicial system.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050