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N.Nazarbayev left 26th article of Constitution without amendments

by March 3, 2017 Fun

“Modern sovereign Kazakhstan has its own logic aims at the future. This logic taking into account all factors controlled the moving forward the political modernization at the first place, too. We talked about this when we adopted the National Plan. To accomplish all our tasks we need the internal and external strategic stability. The state and nation need a long-term political structure. I recall three years ago at the congress of “Nur Otan” Party, I said that after the program of five reforms we had to adopt the constitutional reform. This problem has always been in the field of view for us and for me personally”, the President stated.

The Head of State reminded that in March last year, on the day of the parliamentary elections, it was clearly stated the system of government management are needed and they will happen.

“We must once again explain to the people that when we talk about ownership, it cannot be the same. People have different property: he has a house, land, movable and immovable property. The words “Citizens of Kazakhstan” remain there. And legal community supported it as it provides a stable inflow of investments to our country, and confidence of investors. We should not rush, as we need a consensus on this issue, it is necessary to clarify things here. We will come to this eventually. Including on land, as a land without an owner is a no man’s land. There is a Kazakh saying: a land without an owner is an orphan”, N. Nazarbayev said.

The Head of State added that there must be a consensus on this issue.


Source: Kazakhtan 2050