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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

N.Alibaev: Medicines procurement reached 94% in 2017

by December 20, 2016 Key Issues

The expert noted that 30% of the products have already been delivered to the Single distributor warehouses. The margins size of “SK-Pharmaceuticals” LLP was reduced to 7% in 2017. So, the price for the purchase of medicines and medical devices are decreased to reduce the burden on the state budget. Also, the coverage of patients will increase.

“In order to reduce the purchase price, “SK-Pharmaceuticals” LLP used two-stage tender procedures. The first stage is the documentation compliance including the mandatory requirements – registration and certification, as well as permission to use the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Only after rigorous compliance checks all suppliers participate in the auction on price lowering”, – said N. Alibaev.

Thanks to this approach, over the last 7 years the company has saved about 55 billion tenge of budgetary funds.

“Provisional savings in purchasing for 2017 amounted to 11.7 billion tenge”, – said Chairman of the Board.

There are 906 drugs items purchased for 2017, and 463 (52%) of them are made in Kazakhstan. Support for domestic production and entrepreneurial initiative – one of the main directions of the Single distributor. Long-term supply contracts for 10 years are being concluded now.

“Another focus of the distributor is to increase the share of direct contracts. In 2011, the direct contracts were concluded totaling 200 million tenge, in 2015 – 7.4 billion tenge, in 2017 – more than 18 billion tenge”, – informed the Chairman.

N. Alibaev also reviewed the results for 2016. According to him, the savings over 2016 year amounted to 5.4 billion tenge. As of November 15, basic annual order was delivered to the medical institutions.

“This year, the net profit of “SK-Pharmaceuticals” LLP amounted to 2.9 billion tenge for the treatment of socially significant diseases (oncology, hepatitis, diabetes, tuberculosis, etc.). In September, the first agreement between “SK-Pharmaceuticals” LLP and UNICEF was signed for the purchase of 11 medicines to treat HIV in the amount of 1 billion tenge. Also, the website of the Single distributor of interactive guide has been created. It allows the patient or interested persons to get acquainted with the availability of medicines in specific institutions”, – said N. Alibaev.

All these achievements, “SK-Pharmaceuticals” LLP are primarily intended on strengthening our health and ensure sustainable socio-economic development of the country. After all, the motto of our country, as N. Alimbaev said, is “Care of people, quality, efficiency, trust and accessibility”.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050