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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Mutual trade of Astana with EEU member-states increased by 31%


According to preliminary data in January-May 2017 mutual trade of Astana with member-states of the Eurasian Economic Union comprised 555,0 million US dollars, which is by 31% more comparing to the given period of 2016. Along with that, export comprised 27,4 million US dollars (by 26,3% less), import comprised 527,6 million US dollars (by 36,5 more).

Export to the Russian Federation for January-May 2017 comprised 23221,4 thousand US dollars comparing to the given period of the previous year decreased by 29,3%, import comprised 500 456,2 thousand US dollars and increased comparing to the given period of the previous year by 35,6%.

Import from the Republic of Belarus in January-May 2017 comprised 24653,6 thousand US dollars, comparing to January-May of 2016 increased by 48,6%, export decreased by 84% and added up to 61,0 thousand US dollars.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050