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Most popular foreign pavilions at EXPO-2017 named

by July 10, 2017 Fun

“Regarding the popularity of the pavilions. For today, these are the pavilions of Russia, Uzbekistan, Germany, India, South Korea and what is gratifying, in this ranking of top visits the Africa Plaza also appeared. As you can see, our guests pay great attention to such exotic states as the countries of the African region”, I. Urazakov said.

In general, 27 national days and 54 thematic events were organized this month.

“To date, the international pavilions have 5 million 960 thousand summary visits, that is, we see that one family, who visited the exhibition on average, visits from 5 to 7 pavilions. We said that the participants have an opportunity and plans to conduct additional events, round tables, forums, regardless of us. To date, we have been visited by 23 Heads of State and Government”, the Director of the Department told.

According to I. Urazakov, within the framework of their pavilions, the participants of the exhibition also carry out commercial activities. Since, many of them have cafeterias, small bars, restaurants and open places to sell their souvenirs.

Also, according to the information provided by the directorate of “Astana EXPO-2017”, today the first session of the international jury has been launched, which will evaluate participants’ pavilions.

“There will be two such sessions of the international jury. The first will be held from 10 to 13 July – this is an international jury from the international bureau of exhibitions. And the second session – from 4 to 7 September. For your information, the international bureau has already sent an expert group. At the end of the exhibition, the results will be reviewed and the prizes for the best pavilions on several criteria will be awarded”, I. Urazakov said.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050